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Bat found in Missoula tests positive for rabies

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Linda Shaw French Linda Shaw French

In Missoula’s lower Rattlesnake area, a woman found a bat that tested positive for rabies.

Brad Applegate, a registered nurse at Missoula City-County Health Department, said the public does not need to panic, but to be aware.

If anyone believes that they have been exposed to a bat with rabies, call the Missoula City-County Health Department to talk about next steps.

You should NOT touch bats, and call Animal Control officers if you need help getting a bat out of your house.

Applegate says if you touched a bat, you may be at risk. 

"If a kid sees a dead bat and pokes it they're exposed. If there is a bat flying around and brushes against you you're exposed. Don't worry about looking for bite marks. Bats have very small teeth you might not be able to identify a bat bite, by a bite mark,” said Applegate.

Getting vaccinated after a possible exposure to rabies is effective at preventing the spread of the fatal disease.

The vast majority of bats do not carry rabies and are beneficial to the ecosystem because they eat insects. 

For the Missoula City-County Health Dept. you can reach them at (406)-258-4770. 

Photo Courtesy: Linda Shaw French

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