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The belief in Bigfoot lives on with the International Bigfoot Conference

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Sasquatch flyer posted summer 2018 in Kootenai National Forest Sasquatch flyer posted summer 2018 in Kootenai National Forest

KENNEWICK, WA - This Labor Day weekend, researchers from all over the world are preparing to share information and findings on an animal that has drawn a lot of attention.

The founder of the conference discussed his relationship with the hairy creature.

"It's that mystery," said Russell Acord, Sasquatch Researcher. "It's that unsolved mystery. That seems like those are the ones that will stay in the headlines forever."

It's a mystery that has captivated thousands of people around the globe for years, including Hanford Site worker Acord, who attempts to solve the mystery in his spare time.

"I think there's a vast majority of forest that's still been untouched that holds a lot of surprises for us," Acord says.

We just haven't yet discovered Bigfoot.

"Until we have something that we can look at - if it does exist - until we have a species that we can actually look at... then it's all whatever you want to make of it," said Acord.

There are reports of Bigfoot sightings all around the world, and for those chasing after him, the lack of evidence doesn't bother them.

"I'm a researcher," Acord explained. "Until I have scientific evidence that I can come to the table with, I will tell you that i'm still looking."

When the famous Patterson-Gimlin film came out in the late '60's, it caught the attention of Acord.

"After I saw that I began to search; thinking that if there is something out there, I want to see it myself."

To this day, for Sasquatch researchers... that video of the famous "Patty" is considered one of the most concrete sightings of this legendary creature.

"Everybody doubts it, but they cannot prove that it is not real."

Acord created the International Bigfoot Conference as a way for people from all around the world to share and learn about their Bigfoot findings. 

For now, the mystery lives on... even for Acord.

"Be a skeptic," Acord said. "Demand higher proof and don't settle for less. The best skeptics are your best believers when they finally have something that proves it to them."

Bob Gimlin, one of the makers of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, will also make an appearance this weekend at the conference.

The International Bigfoot Conference and Film Festival will be held August 31 - September 2 at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, WA. 

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