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Voyagers Break Seven-Game Losing Streak, Defeat Chukars 11-7

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The Great Falls Voyagers were battling a seven game losing streak heading into Thursday night's game with the Idaho Falls Chukars.

It was Veteran Appreciation Night over at Centene, and Commander Orbit cranked out a quick workout before the game.

Things got ugly in a hurry for the Spacemen. Pitcher Matt Portland dishes a wild pitch in the first inning, giving Tyler James the green light to come flying home from third. His run would put the Chukars ahead by one.

Same frame, same problem: Portland again dealing with some ball control issues. He pitches another wild one that went way outside the box, allowing Nathan Eaton to score the second run.

Moving ahead to the second, one man already on for Angel Medina. He smacks one perfectly and that ball is going, going. gone. A two-run jack scored Chase
Vallot and Medina... Voyagers looking like they were in trouble, but could be save by a triple by Amado Nunez.

It paid off, as Ryan Fitzpatrick sends one up the line to first. The Chukars got the easy out, but not before Nunez made it across the plate for the first Spacemen run of the game.

The Chukars, however, took it right back to them. In the top of the fourth, Offerman Collado finds some space in the short-second gap, and Medina flies around the bases for his second run of the day.

All was not lost though. A huge fifth inning for the Voyagers gave them some much needed momentum, they break the seven-game curse and win it 11-7.

The two will square off again Friday night at 7:00 pm at Centene Stadium.