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Argo Volleyball Using Team Chemistry to Prepare for Season

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Over at the University of Providence, preseason camp is underway for the Argo volleyball team. After finishing fourth with a team of mostly freshmen last year, the team chemistry that was established is going to be huge, especially when it comes to integrating the new faces on the court.

"It's kinda like we just continued on from our spring practices, with a few new face and kind of a fresh, renewed energy," head coach Arunas Duda said. "We just want to continue to get better every day. I know it's kind of a cliche, but we're just working hard to improve, take it one match at a time and I think things will take care of themselves a little bit more." 

Freshman and Great Falls Central alum Sara Ileetarum is happy to a part of her hometown.

"I've grown up going to camps at this school and now I'm the one coaching the camps," Ileetarum said. "It's been a lot more intense, you know, in high school you've got a lot of freshmen, you know a lot of new girls to the sport, but here you know we've all been playing for a couple years, so it's a lot more fun and intense and everyone's going balls out."

The Argos will begin their season in just about a week, when they take on Dickinson State in North Dakota for a two game series.