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Bozeman officials pushing for local sales tax

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Bozeman city officials are pushing for state legislators to allow them to implement a sales tax within the city.

Deputy Mayor Chris Mehl says a tourism tax could potentially bring in $10 million in extra revenue each year. He says the revenue would help relieve property taxes.

The proposed tax would be more of a tourist tax, which means necessary expenses like food, clothing, medicine, housing and transportation wouldn't be taxed.

We talked to a few people out and about who were divided on the issue. Some people are used to Montana's lack of sales tax, while others can see the benefits of a local tourism tax.

One resident said, “I’ve lived here my whole life, so I have kind of gotten used to no sales tax.” While the other added, “I understand that sales tax has economic benefits, so I would be open to it.”

The Constitution limits the tax to 4 percent, so city officials say even if it passes, consumers wouldn't see a higher tax.

Some towns in Montana already have a local resort or tourism tax, including Whitefish, St. Regis, Big Sky and Red Lodge. 

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