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Brookies Swimmer Hoping for Olympic Opportunity

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With two state records and two state championships under her cap, Catherine Russo is preparing for the ultimate competition.

"It's always been in the back of my mind like, 'oh, I wonder if i can go and do this.' now with my times I'm getting it's becoming definitely more of a possibility," said Brookies swimmer, Catherine Russo. 

But what exactly is she training for?

"Her times that she swam in high school state were fast. i started looking at them comparatively with other swimmers who swim about that level and she is right there at Olympic trial cuts for 2016," said Caty Flikkema, Brookies head coach.

That's right, the Olympics. though the cuts haven't been released for 2020 yet, it's at the front of the Brookies' mind.

"When i was younger i had a lot of older role models i looked up to a lot. i was hearing about all of their accomplishments and it was something that i had always wanted to get, also. so, for me to sit back and think 'wow, I'm getting all these accomplishments that i dreamed about when i was younger' - it's so cool," said Russo.

But it's not just the idea of a world stage that keeps her going.

"It's so much bigger than that too, because i have all the younger swimmers on my team who I'm wanting to set a good example for and telling those younger kids that you can do this too, you just have to work hard," she said.

The team is confident that with her continued effort, she'll be able to jump right in despite having a few nerves.

"it's definitely sometimes an overwhelming feeling, but it's nice because i come here and cad really keeps me level. that's one thing I've always loved about or relationship," Russo said.

"it's honestly kind of scary because there's so much there. i just look at my role to guide her, to encourage her, and to support her," said Flikkema.

Before the cuts come out, Russo will compete in the Montana long course state championship beginning on Friday.