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Gaming Disorder

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According to the World Health Organization, playing too much video games can now be considered a mental illness known as "gaming disorder".

While there is controversy over the subject, the top three reasons for the analysis are:

• Addictive behavior takes precedence over other activities; such as physical fitness, basic hygiene, etc. 

• Even when the results and consequences are negative, the behavior continues

• Leads to stress in relationships and work/school

So how do you know if your kiddos or someone you know have "gaming disorder"? 

According to the Advance Recovery Systems website, signs of addiction include, but aren’t limited to:

• Obsessive thought and actions

• Disregard of negative consequences

• Loss of control (has to play!!!)

Something to keep in mind is that this behavior needs to be consistent for a long period of time (roughly a year) before being considered an addiction.

If you think your child or someone you know might have a “gaming disorder”, try seeing a counselor or therapist to confirm the diagnosis and the steps to take from here.