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Office Snacking is Adding to the Scale

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This is a story all of us can relate to one way or another. Snacking… specifically in the workplace.

And it's doing more than satisfying that sweet tooth or craving. 

According to a recent study released by the CDC, out of 5,000 participants, an average was receiving an extra 1,200 calories in their weekly diet from snacking at the office.

The main culprit? Free food in the break room… and not the healthy kind.

"I think the biggest thing in the office environment is being the person who promotes the change. Obviously, fruits and vegetables are going to be the first preferred snack food because they’re low in calories and high in fiber so they keep you full. About a cut is probably okay," says Dakota Dorwart, a clinical dietician at Benefis hospital.

Most of these calorie gaining foods are things considered 'empty calories', such as pizza, soda, cookies, pastries, etc.

With this in mind, it might be a good idea to reach for the carrot sticks instead of a maple bar next time you eat a snack. 

To further your path to a healthy lifestyle, try exercising in the office in order to burn some of those extra calories. 

Some simple exercises at your desk include: 

• Leg lifts while sitting in your chair. 20x 

• Desk dips 20x

• Push-ups 20x 

• Lunges 20x 

• Squats 20x 

The whole workout should take you about 10min. Don't forget to stretch! 

The moral of the story is to simply snack a little healthier and squeeze a quick workout in when you can.