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Street Art Brushing Across Downtown Great Falls

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Street art is slowly becoming a regular sight in downtown Great Falls.

Not only is street art popular, but encouraged along the city streets. 

Nowadays, you can see around every corner. Whether it be a mural on the side of a building, under a bridge, or intricate designs on a cement barricade; street art is finally brushing its way across the city.

"We’re like five years behind, if not a little bit more, so we have to catch up a little bit. And I think they're realizing that street art is something that, it doesn’t have to have a bad connotation to it," says local artist Sheree Nelson. 

And the process of creating street art is nothing short of an art itself.

"For me, it's putting the color on here... it looks all messy because I’ll do the color first and then I’ll do my black outline; so my black outline for all of my painting’s and everything I do… that’s the final step. It’s like a reverse color book," explained Sheree Nelson, a local artist.

From an artist’s perspective, Sheree says the art adds much more color and makes things “POP”, adding contrast to the bland “beige” colors of downtown.

Especially, during the winter months.

Keep in mind that street art must be commissioned by the city and follow certain guidelines. 

If you’re a local artist and looking to debut your art on the street, try contacting the city commissioners office to see if there are any available opportunities.