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Billings neighborhood deals with flooding concerns

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Neighbors in the "Kings Green" subdivision in Billings Southside are saying they wish the city acted quicker in providing help with flooding.

Tiffany David on Cambridge Dr says she wishes the city of Billings worked on the flooding issue in the Kings Green subdivision sooner, before damage took root.

"Quicker action for us, because you know in the meantime while you waited to see if it was going to fix itself, all of us in this neighborhood, we are taking on damage, some of us are still taking on damage," Tiffany David, resident on McDougall says.
Georgia DuVal says she's experienced eight floods during her 38 years on Cambridge Dr.  She says a pump used to pump out excess water has not been maintained by the city, or the "Chub Ditch".

"Well, I don't think the city has really been taking care of the "chub ditch".  They used to mow and cut down all the trees and keep the grass mowed, and they're never out here anymore," Duval says.


Vern Heisler, with the Public Works Department, for the city of Billings, says the Yellowstone river is running very high this year and has caused a lot of erosion, changing the course of the drainage of water into the Yellowstone River.

"That has resulted in the city county drain, being much higher this year, than it has been in the past, because that outflow has been changed," Heisler says.

For a short term solution he says the city isolated the Yellowstone River from the city/county drain system.

Right now he says they're working on a long term solution.

"How to have that water flow, out of the city county drain and be able to enter the Yellowstone river, without raising the water level in the city county drain, at the level that we're seeing," Heisler says.


Tiffany says if a good rain hits, it can be more than these pumps could handle, re-flooding their basement.