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Ennis' Wood Twins Excited for Call Up at Badlands Bowl

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Each year dozens of players feel the excitement of being named to the Knights of Columbus Badlands Bowl roster for team Montana. But what about the players who get named to the reserve team, and then get called up?

"I was a little bummed out I wasn't on the initial one, but you know it's just a game," said team Montana linebacker Corbin Wood. "But then they called me, and I had some plans this week that I canceled, but they called me up and I was like 'alright, I'll come play, you know.'"

As you can see, Ennis' Corbin Wood was willing to drop everything to represent Team Montana. Unfortunately he may have dropped everything too soon, because his twin brother Tanner, got the call to come to Miles City a couple hours later, after Corbin had already left.

"It's the biggest game in Montana to play in, so I'm definitely excited," said team Montana wide receiver Corbin Tanner. "Wish they would have gotten ahold of me a little earlier, though. They called me at Sunday at like 3:00, they were like 'hey you're in the game,' I'm like 'alright I'll drive on over then.' But Corbin drove over that Sunday morning, and it would have been a lot easier if I could have drove over with him, but it was fine."

The twins are now reunited at practices in Miles City, and are just grateful to get to put their stamp on team Montana, but that doesn't mean there isn't a chip on their shoulders.

"Me and Corbin are definitely here to play," said Tanner. "Saturday comes around we're definitely going to give it all we have. They've got me playing some wide receiver, which I've never played, but I'm a pretty good athlete all around, so it'll be fun."

"Getting to come from a Class-C school, showing how all of us Class-C boys grind in football," said Corbin. "And it's nice to be with all bigger guys too. Everyone here is pushing as hard as they can."

But maybe no one on team Montana pushes each other harder than the Wood brothers do to each other.

"Me and Corbin playing on the same field, playing any sport with each other, together we just work so much better," said Tanner. 

"I was a little bummed out he wasn't going to be here with me," said Corbin. "But it's nice to have him here. I play better when he's around. I do better. I mean it sucks that he's on offense and I'm on defense, but it'll be fine. We'll have some fun with it."

The numbers back it up, the Wood twins have been exceptional when on the field at the same time. Maybe that's part of the reason they're heading to Dickinson State to play football together. But if history is any frame of reference, with these two in the fold, team Montana's chances just got a whole lot better.