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Sunburst's Pickering Picking Up 11-Man Game at Badlands Bowl

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For most high school seniors, the summer before college is filled with making memories as they prepare for the next chapter. For Sunburst's Treyton Pickering, it's been a tad less relaxing as he prepares to make the jump from 6-man football to 11-man.

"I've been studying the whole summer on it," said Pickering. "Just adjusting to 11 man, it's been nice, and hasn't been too hard."

At 6'6" 225 pounds, Pickering was easy to spot on the field during his time with the Refiners, where he set eight school records as a tight end and defensive end. Understandably, he was one of the toughest players to take down because of his size. But now he's learning the differences in the two games.

"The field is nice and wide open," said Pickering. "That kind of is nice. You get a lot of one on one with people. In 11-man it's a lot more enclosed, and just more skilled on just do your roll, and trust your teammates a lot."

"There's so many things that he's got to adjust to that he's never done before," said Team Montana defensive line coach Mike Cutler. "Like I said he's a quick study, and he's going to get it done and he's going to Montana State for a reason."

As a junior Pickering had committed to Montana Tech to play football, but when he got an offer to play in Bozeman, Treyton opted to change his decision to the blue and gold. And his coaches at the Badlands Bowl can see why.

"I can understand why Jeff Choate and MSU is excited for him," said Cutler. "Because he doesn't have a whole lot of bad habits, because he hasn't developed it against an 8-man game or an 11-man game. So he's extremely raw, and they can mold him however they want."

School is in session as they say, and Treyton looks like he could be one of the one of the top students of the 2018 class. The Knights of Columbus Badlands Bowl will be his first test.