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Group choosing name for new high school opening in Bozeman in 2020

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Bozeman is still two years away from opening its doors to what will be its second high school, but construction is underway and the Bozeman School District is trying to figure out all the logistics when it comes to the new school.

Superintendent Rob Watson and the Bozeman School District have created a team of 33 members to determine three big pieces of the puzzle: attendance boundaries, the school name and school mascot.

They are calling this new team the transition committee. The committee is made up of parents, teachers, administrators and community members. Watsons says together, they will figure out a school name and mascot and boundaries to determine who will attend the new school.

“In 2020 we will have two high schools. In order to populate the new high school we will have to determine which students should go there and so just like all of our other schools, our elementary schools and our middle schools we have boundaries within the city,” said Watson. “If you live on one side of the boundary you go to one school and if you live on the other side you go to a different school.”

Watson says he knows parents will have concerns, and they assembled this committee to talk with parents and help them better understand the situation so there are no surprises.

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