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Vendors sell unique, homemade goods at Target Range Farmers Market

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Shoppers in Western Montana have lots of market and vendors to choose from. 

For some shoppers and vendors alike, the smaller neighborhood markets are a good fit. 

Vendors at Missoula's Target Range Farmers Market say it's a more intimate market, so the vendors have a chance to interact.

This friendly atmosphere is what makes vendors like Marsha Steinweden come back to sell goods every year at the Target Range Farmers Market.

She has been selling her homemade goods like washcloths or dishcloths, scrubs for the shower and laundry soap for nine years and she makes most of her items from recycled goods.

"These are made out of the plastic bags that my newspaper comes in everyday, so instead of taking them to the recycling center I make rugs out of them," said Steinweden.

Some may wonder how Steinweden comes up with these creative ideas like making rugs out of plastic bags. She said she loves coming up with new inventions.

"I just would see an idea and go from it and go from there and see if they would sell," Steinweden said at the market Sunday.

Steinweden prides herself on using recycled materials not only to create the items she sells, but to store them on her table at the market too. For example she uses apple juice cartons and containers to hold the liquid and powdered laundry soap.

"Why not recycle them? Otherwise I would have to buy stuff to put them in," she said.

It’s convenient and good for the environment, but the technology isn't new. Steinweden learned these tricks from her mother and grandmother.

"The powdered laundry soap is my grandmother’s recipe that she used during the Depression, and the liquid laundry soap is my mother’s recipe that she used during the 60s and 70s, so I helped make both of them as a child," she said.

Steinweden is not the only one with creative homemade goods for sale.

Several others have made their good from scratch and sell them at an affordable price and thanks to the unique setup of the Target Range Farmers Market, anyone who is interested and stop by and learn how it's done.

The Target Range Farmers Market meets Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Target Range School, 4095 South Ave. W.

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