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Electric City Water Park Safety

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The Electric City Water Park opened their doors earlier this week and are ready to kick off for the summer! 

With rides such as the Flowrider, Lazy River, water slides, and more, the water park is a big hit in the summer! 

When it comes to fun under the sun, the most important thing to remember is safety. 

The lifeguards at Electric City Water Park have a few reminders for swimmers this year. 

The biggest reminder is the famous and simple rule: NO RUNNING. 

Also, make sure to always follow the rules that are posted. They are there for your safety! 

Packing all of the right supplies will also make your pool day much more successful. 

The lifeguards recommend you bring a towel, sunscreen/ sun protection, water, and flip-flops/ sandals. 

Lastly, when it comes to being safe at the pool, it's asked that you keep an eye on your kids. 

When the lifeguard to swimmer ratio gets too high, it becomes more difficult to supervise everyone.

By watching your child, you can help not only ensure their safety but others in the pool as well. 

Have a safe and fun summer at the Electric City Water Park!