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Women's voice in politics

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 Kathleen Williams won the Democratic primary for U.S. house this week in spite of two of her competitors raising more money than her campaign.
Williams is a local example of a national trend where more women aren't just entering large races but winning them..


Dr. Paul Pope, a political science professor at MSUB says the results from the local primaries in Montana and from around the country show women are finding their voice and getting more of one.

Dr. Pope, says women in politics are benefiting from national movements such as the "me too" movement and "times up".
"We're seeing all these powerful men in every kind of industry finally being outed for their sexual harassment and sexual assaults that they've been responsible for," Dr. Paul Pope, Political Science Professor, MSU Billings, says.

He says women are finding a voice they didn't necessarily have to this degree in this country before.

"It's been a growing voice and right now it's reached this crescendo and they are running for office, they're taking charge, they're winning races."

Dr. Pope says Kathleen Williams is a local example of this in Montana.

"She was out-fundraised and out spent on, i think is a bit of a telling example in Montana of the power of women finding that voice and exercising it in politics."

Dr. Pope says he does not see this voice for women dying down anytime soon before the 2020 presidential election.