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All-Star Basketball Game Preview

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Missoula Sentinel High dominates multiple sports and has numerous championships to prove it. In recent years, it's become the home of champions when it comes to girls varsity sports.

Kylie Frolich and Jordyn Schweyen graduated from Missoula Sentinel and played three sports each. The girl teams at Sentinel High excel very well. Jordyn Schweyen said, "There's kind of a target on our backs when it comes to sports because we've been very dominate in, particularly, in volleyball, basketball and track the past few years. It's fun having that kind of competition, with whoever you play you're going to get their best game."

The two are state champions in track and volleyball and runner-up in basketball. High school is over now, though, but that doesn't mean they're done playing with other new graduates. It's their time to represent the Treasure State in the Montana-Wyoming All-Star basketball game.

"It's a complete honor to be asked to play on this team especially with this group of girls and get the chance to represent the state of Montana. It's something that's been a tradition for a long time," said Schweyen. Kylie Frolich added, "A lot of people talk about it and what a fun experience they had, so just to find out we get to come play, that's a huge honor because people just talk about the memories they make and how much fun it is."

The two all stars will continue their basketball careers together at the University of Montana. "It's just kind of a nice, fun thing to do before we start college. And it's something we can do together. It's really fun to meet all of these new girls and get to play with a couple new kids and travel a little bit," said Frolich.