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Last Game Together

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The 30th Annual Big Sky Class B All Star football game kicks off Friday night at Klindt Field. For the South, the game represents a night that the head coach and his son will remember for a very long time.

"All four years of high school, he's been my coach and it's been fun because he can yell at me and get me to say something to respond. It's been a fun experience," exclaimed Tylann Croy.

Not everyone can say they've played high school ball for their dad. Tylann Croy can.
The Huntley Project quarterback and al-star says he and his head coach father are really close.

"Everyday on the way to school and on the way back, we have a half hour ride where we just go and talk about everything. Sometimes, it's a little tense after a practice or a game but we're always together, doing stuff."

Coach Guy Croy says he was fortunate to have the opportunity to coach Tylann the past few years.

"I guess a lot of emotions as far as I'm just happy he gets another chance to play. Our season didn't end like we wanted it too. We want to get a little better taste in our mouth and get that 'W' instead of that hard bus ride home after a tough loss," explained Guy Croy.

And while Tylann won't be playing college football, he will leave home for Bozeman to study at MSU. His dad will stay at Huntley Project.

"For him, I just, I want him to be able to live the life he wants, choose the career he wants and just be a productive person," said Coach Croy. "I'll miss having him as my coach, a lot. It's fun just being able to be with him everyday."