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Maintaining city parks is in City Council budget

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Billings city council is focused on budgeting for the 2018-2019 year.

Public works, a new evidence locker, staffing and city parks are topics city council discussed Monday night.

Larry Brewster said there are many ways to improve the city's public parks.

City council member Larry Brewster said the Parks board wants City Council to raise the park maintenance in district 1 by $3 million a year.

Currently it's only $2 million a year and the raise is more than double.

While Brewster said everything is still in the works, he believes the public should have access to clean parks.

"There are a lot of undeveloped parks in Billings. So, I think what we'd wanna do is develop a couple of them.put in the grass, put in the trees, put it in the sprinklers," said Brewster. "The difficult part is you have to have enough money to maintain them. So that's a real consideration because it's an ongoing cost."

Now it's up to City Council to decide on how they want to spend the money to maintain city parks.