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The price you may have to pay for driving your vehicle through flooded areas

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There were lots of localized flooding in the area this morning. Many underpasses were impacted and cars did, in fact, get stranded in the water. So, ever wonder what can happen if you drive your car through flooded areas?

Emil Woeppel is the co-owner of ABC Advanced Automotive in Billings and said running your vehicle through water can cost you thousands of dollars.
Woeppel said he hasn't had anyone with damages to their car due to the flooding lately, but he has seen them in the past.

"I have assisted some people that like to go look at the river just like everybody else and I have seen some people broke down that we had to pull out," Woeppel said.

The co-owner and mechanic discussed what problems your car can have.

"I'd say the worst problem would be going through some water too deep or too fast and ingesting water into your air-intake," Woeppel said. "Engines are expensive and they don't like water inside of them."

Other problems Woeppel said you might experience are electronic issues, interior damage, and even rust. He said driving through water can leave you a hefty price to pay.

"Engines, and especially newer cars, can range up to $3-10 thousand dollars, depending on what kind your car is. Diesels being more expensive, of course."

Woeppel explained it's not worth driving your car through water, if you can help it.

"Cars are only getting more expensive and nobody wants to have a large repair bill because they needed a snow cone."

The moral of the story? Avoid flooded areas.

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