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Billings Fire Department cautions drivers about driving on flooded streets

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Two vehicles were trapped in the underpass located on 1st Avenue N and N 13th Street that was filled with rain and sewage water. One woman had a child in the vehicle and said she didn't realize she was stuck until it was already too late.

KULR-8 spoke with Billings Fire Department Engineer Chris Voller who is part of the water rescue team. He said the number one rule people should follow when they see standing water is to turn around - don't drown.

He explained the protocol the fire department follows when a car is in the water.

"Responding to a vehicle potentially flooding submersed, you will typically get a couple engine response," Voller said. "Mainly first, obviously, is life safety. We will respond and make sure everyone is out of the vehicle and then treat medically. Then, after that, we will turn the scene over to whatever municipality will be to get the vehicle out of the water."

Voller said Billings has a few underpasses that are notorious for flooding after heavy rain. He said if you try to drive through it, odds are, your car will stall. Depending on the depth of the water, your car may become submersed.

Voller adds by attempting to go through flooded areas, you can receive water can damage to your car and your car's engine.

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