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Mudslide Damages Cabins in Crandall, Wyoming

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Cody – Two log homes in Crandall are ripped apart by a mudslide, and continuing rains threaten to push them down the mountain. The mudslide started Memorial Day weekend.

It carried dead trees from the 1988 wildfires and boulders down the mountainside above Clarks Fork River. Two log homes were ripped apart by the slide. The homes are on private land surrounded by the Shoshone National Forest.

Wapiti District Ranger Susan Stresser said there is nothing that can be done to stop the destruction until the mudslide stops moving. Rain Friday fed a waterfall below the slide across County Road X-U-X. The road is closed now.

A Cody man saw the mudslide when it started last weekend. His family owns a cabin nearby.

Parker Boydston explained, “And we ended up staying there for about two hours just watching mud pile up with probably 40 foot long trees, just stacking up on trees that were already standing until it had so much behind it it just knocked trees over.  So it just kept fanning wider and wider.”

Park County authorities were not available for comment by news time.  Stresser said the mudslide was not caused by the 2016 Hunter Peak Fire that threatened cabins in the same area in 2016. She said that fire was on the other side of the mountain.