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Benefis Projects

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Benefis hospital recently unveiled the first of a three-phase emergency department revamp project. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The new emergency department at Benefis is now in phase two of completion.

Not only this, but a new Women’s and Children’s Center is in the works as well as another walk-in express building.

According to Amy Linder, Operations Director at Benefis, the reason for all of these projects boils down to population growth and convenience for patients.

"Our focus for our hospital is obviously to make health care convenient for our patients and we understand that the location of where our patients go to seek our services is important."

Due to such a high demand for the current Benefis Walk-In Express, Benefis recently purchased the local Party America building off of 14th Ave NW, in order to build another office that will be providing primary care services, family and pediatrics, and x-rays.

The new Women’s and Children’s Center is still in the beginning stages of planning but should see some progress within the next few months. 

Benefis' new emergency department will be completely finished by the end of this year, followed by the completion of the new Walk-In Express by mid-2019.

As for the women’s and children’s center, a timeline is still in the works.