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Billings homes damaged by flooding

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All this week homeowners in Yellowstone county and other nearby areas have been sandbagging their properties, preparing for flooding.

But rainfall has actually caused a lot of damage in Billings.

Newman Restoration and Cleaning in Billings, has had close to 40 calls for service in the last week, at homes that are flooded... Not from river water, but rather from heavy rain.

"The past week has been just busy left and right, we have had calls coming all the time, but most of the time is filling out the ground water and is getting so full that is has to go somewhere else and unfortunately that's into the houses," Alex Shin, Project Manager for Newman Restoration & Cleaning, says.

Your house could also experience flooding from heavy rain through cracks in your foundation or window wells without covers and gutters.

"If there's too much rain going in the gutters and the gutters haven't been unclogged, water will fill up by the foundation and spill over it, or if the gutters aren't extended all the way through at the ground, all that water is pulling right there, it's gotta' go somewhere," Shin, says.

But there are some proactive steps you can take---

"Spring cleaning, get on your ladder, check your gutters, make sure they're all unclogged, test them with a hose if you need to, see if anything's dripping anywhere."

If you're building a house, 'positive landscaping" will prevent water getting trapped in your house, unlike "negative landscaping".