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Baby goat yoga raises funds for fresh food

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The Treasure State is home to many farmers and ranchers but how many of us actually get our food straight from the farmers and ranchers?

The Yellowstone Valley Food Hub is looking to change that by bridging the gap between you and those ranchers and farmers.

To do so they needed to raise some funds and baby goat yoga was born.

The yoga class was held at Last Chance Pub with "the sauntering yogi" Callie Feakin on Wednesday night.

The adorable goats were provided by one of the founding farmers for Yellowstone Valley Food Hub.

The yoga class raised close to $600 for YVFH adding to the already $23,000 raised.

You may be asking yourself what the benefits are of purchasing local.

YVFH steering member, Marguerite Jodry, said there are four simple reasons why, "One, it's good for our bodies. Local food is healthier, fresher. Two, it's good for our planet. You can reduce your carbon footprint. Three, it's good for our economy. Supporting local jobs. And Four, it's good for our community. Building a more vibrant, fun place to live."

She said if that's not enough reason for you, buying local gives you an opportunity to know your farmers and know your food.

If you're interested in buying local meats and produce you can support the Yellowstone Valley Food Hub by donating online or by participating in the next baby goat yoga.

The next yoga class will be held on June 9th at 11:30 am and 1 pm at Last Chance Pub and you'll need to register beforehand.

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