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Patient values strong bond with Billings nurse

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With nurse appreciation day this month, the medical professionals are being celebrated across the country.

This morning,we have the story of a very special relationship between one Billings nurse and her patient

Just imagine all of a sudden you're not able to do things you normally can. 

Things like walking and having regular energy are a struggle.

That's what 52 year-old Sheri Leys went through two years ago.

These symptoms are from pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure in the lungs. 

Add onto to that, the monthly $35,000 medical bill for one medication and $15,000 bill for another.

Enter Leesa Sunsted, a 30 year-Billings clinic RN, for the pulmonary department.

This year she just won the Alice Fortin lifetime achievement award.

Leesa said Sheri is a prime example of the right mindset for a patient with a disease.

"She is doing quite well and that's what we can only hope for her," said Sunsted." She has such a positive attitude that we want to see only the best for her."

Sheri says Leesa has been great at helping eliminate stress she had on her plate, like introducing her to financial aid programs through pharmacies. 

Instead of those monthly $35,000 and $15,000 bills, she's paying $5 for each of those medications.

Sheri moved to Choteau, but still drives the five hours to get treated by Leesa and Dr. Peringer

Sheri has an incurable disease, but says she's doing much better.