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Great Falls Main Street Semi-Finals

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Downtown Great Falls has just entered the last phase of this year’s main street competition by being voted into the top 10. 

Winning the competition would mean a 1,000 STIHL equipment certificate, a $500 PPG Paints gift certificate, $500 to spend with Do It Best Corp., plus a plaque and recognition on 'Independent We Stand' social media sites. 

For the grand prize? $25,000!

With a check for $25,000, the possibilities on how to spend and invest the money are endless.

Eventually, it all boils down to whether it should go towards smaller projects throughout the city, or into the 'pot' for a much larger project(s).

"We also have our pedlet program. I’d love to see us continue to expand that program. All the public art projects. There’s so much possibility with public art. There’s just a lot of ideas that are being tossed around and so… the possibilities are pretty much endless." stated Joan Redeen, Community Director of the Great Falls Business Improvement. 

The final decision will come down to a handful of board members.

While this may be the case, community involvement isn’t out of the question. In fact, it could potentially be very helpful in making any final decisions. 

Judges will review each of the ten nominees on June 3rd , with the winner being announced the following day on June 4th.  

Regardless of winning or losing, it's an honor in and of itself just to have made it to the top ten throughout the entire nation.