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Fromberg-Community gets game plan for flood

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Monday night, Carbon County emergency services officials met with locals in Fromberg to go over strategies for flood preparedness.

Community members learned Fromberg School is being used as the Volunteers Reception Center, where folks can sign up to help fill needs.

Audrey and Josh Walleser live near the Clarks Fork Yellowstone River...

"The river's getting high and people are concerned obviously," Audrey Walleser, Leason, Fromberg Community Outreach, says.  "There's a lot of talk in our neighborhood about what could potentially happen and they feel a lot better now that there's an incident command team in place and that the focus is really focusing on safety and accountability."

What came out of the meeting was a game plan of what flood victims should do if the need arises.

"The information that was shared was talking about evacuations, what would happen if the situation did unfold and what additionally they can do to protect their life and their property, Walleser says."

Tom Kohley, Coordinator for Carbon County DES, says folks near the river need to be vigilant.

"Continue to monitor the gating stations along the Clarks Fork.  We know that the projected high is still above the historic crest," Kohley says.  "Also, another thing they can continue to do is register their mobile devices into the county's emergency notification system, so that we can alert you at an emergency."

Walleser says there's a sizeable elderly population in Fromberg that could be  particularly at risk if flood waters come rushing.

"If there's a question about mobility or people with special issues, we have went out and identified those people and put protocols into place to make sure if an incident does unfold we have provided for their safety and care," Walleser says.

The volunteer reception center will open Tuesday morning and stay open 8am-5pm, as long as there's a need.