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Fire and Flooding Season Connection

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Well even though we’re still in flood season, fire season here in Montana is right around the corner.

But how does the flooding like we’ve seen this year correlate to the upcoming fire season?

This year has been another record-breaking year for flooding, which was preceded by last year’s record-breaking fire season. 

The idea that there is a correlation between these two forces of Mother Nature is frequently brought up and has disputing views. 

According to the National Weather Service’s records, there isn’t enough research to tell if there’s any correlation between the two...yet.  

"There’s… there’s several factors that can go into a higher than normal flood season that can also be factors in a lower than average fire season. It doesn’t always work out that way," says Roger Martin, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service. 

It all comes down to how quickly we dry up.

If there’s a lot of precipitation this summer, we have less chance of a bad fire season. If it's a drier summer, this will allow for better fire conditions.

Overall, it mostly comes down to the conditions we see over the late spring and early summer months that determine our fire season. 

So all-in-all there isn't a right or wrong answer... for now.