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Community members help prevent Yellowstone River from flowing onto popular road

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Some community members are doing all they can to help out their neighbors with flood prevention.

KULR-8 spoke with a group located on Duck Creek Road who were unloading bags full of sand to help protect the road from any flooding.

Tim Compton is a community member and said about 15 to 20 people came together to help place sandbags along the side of Duck Creek Road. He said they are just trying to be preventive and to hopefully save at least five homes with the potential to flood. He also said he has done this twice in the past and doesn't know what to expect this year so he'd rather be prepared.

"Not only do you have personal property out here, but you have county roads and county access," Compton said. "The little bit that we do will hopefully help somebody down the road. We've even had some neighbors drop in and just people stopping by and pitching in. It's just kind of a community effort to save some property."

Compton advises vehicles to stay off of the bridges. He said many people have been parking on the bridges to look at the river level, but he said that causes a safety hazard.

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