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Shark Bite Survivor: "It Kept Chomping!"

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(WCBD) 10-year-old Trey de Boer and his family visit South Carolina's Isle of Palms from Chicago every year, but this year's trip will be unforgettable.

"It was a total shock that I got bit by a shark," Trey said.

Trey said on Monday, he was about waist deep in the ocean boogie boarding while his family was a few yards away.

"I had just caught a wave, so I got off my boogie board and had a small pinch at foot. I thought it was just a crab, so I kicked it a little bit, and then it kept chomping two or three times," he said.

Then, Trey said he saw the fin.

"I kicked it off, and I saw the dorsal fin and the tail. So, I yelled for help," Trey said.

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