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Friend says Margot Kidder had unusual wish for her remains

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Friends are recalling the life of Margot Kidder, who died Sunday at age 69 in her home in Livingston. 

The actress was best known for playing Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve's "Superman." Her acting career slowed after a public breakdown in the mid-1990s, and she became an activist for progressive causes and mental health awareness.

She was especially fond of animals, and was actively involved with the Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston. They posted a memorial to her on Monday, saying, "May you always be surrounded by dogs. We will miss you Margie!"

Writer and indie film director Ted Geoghegan posted on Twitter, saying he knew Margaret well and that she had an unusual request for her body.

"Margot lived at the foot of Canyon Mountain, right outside of Livingston. Like much of Montana, the area was filled with wolves. But instead of fearing them, Margot loved them," Geoghegan writes. "She left meat out for the wolves so she could watch them come down the mountain and eat from the safety of her home. ... She'd asked her closest friends - if they stopped by her place and found her dead - to tell no one, place her naked body in a bedsheet, drag it up Canyon Mountain, and leave her for her other friends, the wolves."

Geoghegan says he was sad to hear of her passing.

"I would have dragged you up the hill."

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