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Visitor surveys to be handed out in Yellowstone National Park

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Cody – If you have a problem with crowds in Yellowstone, now is the time to speak up. Park Superintendent  Dan Wenk said in Cody Monday that researchers will do most visitor surveys all over the park this summer.

Yellowstone managers commissioned roadside surveys near  park entrances for one week in August, 2016. Those surveys found more than half the respondents think there are too many people in the Park. Yellowstone recorded more than four million visits annually for the past three years.

But, Wenk said before his park managers make decisions on visitor use management, they need more information. He said there will be more roadside surveys this summer.

Wenk explained,

“We are going to have visitor surveys done one week a month  from May to September. People who enter the park will be given surveys to take. Some will be given IPADs where they will actually record their experiences in the Park. We’re also going to be surveying people at main destination areas, like Old Faithful, like Canyon.”

Wenk said the surveys in main destinations will help managers understand another aspect of the visitor experience in Yellowstone. He said they will also be gauging the  impact on Park resources.