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New Lockwood HS could ease SD2 overcrowding

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Lockwood voters have spoken and voted to pass a bond to build a new high school. 

The Lockwood district hopes to open the new high school by 2021.    

This $49 million dollar facility would help lessen the overcrowding in the neighboring school districts. 

Students will continue to attend Billings public schools as preparations are in the works to build the new high school.

With a 63% approval from the Lockwood community, the Billings school board have also shared their excitement.

The whole community was involved, they wanted this high school," said Gordon Klasna, Billings School Board of Trustee. "They wanted it for their kids. They rallied around their kids and what parents wanted for their kids and for their future, to see them grow up and have some say in their education. They're just all so excited."

Billings School Board Chair Greta Besch Moen tells KULR-8 School District 2 will help transition students into the new Lockwood High School. 

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