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Local supporters in Lockwood celebrate passing of K-12 bond

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The big election news Tuesday night is the passage of the school bond in Lockwood. Now that the bond has passed, the community of Lockwood can now celebrate.

Once the results came in for the bond to expand Lockwood schools into a K-12 district, Superintendent Tobin Novasio, along with other supporters, were overwhelmed with excitement.

"Everything we do is for the kids," Superintendent Novasio said. "That's one of the things we talk about with our teachers and our educators all the time. That there's a moral obligation that we have every day to come to work and do the best we can for these guys. These guys are going to accomplish stuff that I never will have a chance to."

Chad Hanson is a parent who supports the passing of the bond and said he's proud.

"There's such a sense of pride in the community out here that's going to carry through graduation now," Hanson said. He said his son will now be able to graduate from a local high school.

"I think it's a peaceful place and a nice place to live," Robby said. "I love my family and I'm really glad we got a high school."

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