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Motorcycle safety reminders

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Black Sheep chapter president Dave Ross has been an avid rider for more than 10 years.

He has seen his fair share of motorcycle crashes time and time again.

"I think most of us riders that have been riding for any amount of time have either been in an accident or know someone who has been in an accident," said Ross.

One simple reminder Ross wants to instill in drivers is to look three times, a simple act that could save a life.

"So at your intersections look three times. Don't look twice, don't look once, look three times is probably the most important thing I can stress to people in cars is to please, please put your phones down," Ross adds. 

From one rider to another, he knows how hard it can be to recover from a crash, which is why his group is dedicated to helping those in need. 

"So we'll go and minister to the family and offer them prayer and support. Love on them and offer our aide and help them through that difficult time," said Ross. "I don't like doing it, as a rider the last thing I wanna see is another busted up rider."

In an effort to reduce crashes, Ross says it's everyone's duty to ensure safety precautions when driving.

"This year, in particular, has been a really long winter, we're not use to looking for motorcycles," adds Ross. "So you need to retrain yourself to look for motorcycles and the riders need to retrain themselves to watch for the cars as well because we share a lot of the responsibility on the road."

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