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"Youth Entrepreneurs" coming to Montana

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A popular entrepreneur program seen in many cities nationwide is now making it's way to Montana.

"Youth Entrepreneurs" has brought their program to a rural state and the first time they will bring it to an entire state.

All teachers of the six selected schools across Montana will train in June to incorporate this new entrepreneurial program into their classes. 

Liz Marchi, a leader in bringing "Youth Entrepreneurs" to Montana says Montana is fourth in the national for number of telecommuters.  In this day and age she says, we need to teach our children at a young age about entrepreneurship.

"We need to start entrepreneurial-thinking much earlier downstream than when you become a thirty-something and decide you want to start a business," Liz Marchi, says.  "They're lots of things that kids need to learn."

"Youth Entrepreneurs" is an additive program, meaning it will fit into the existing curriculum in schools and areas that touch business education, ag education-technical career education, family consumer science education.

10th and 11th grades are the targets.  The goal is for the program to be in every school in Montana in the next five years.

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