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Heavy flooding in Helena continues

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We're following major flooding across parts of our state with flood warnings and advisories in effect.

Those living in the Helena Campground and RV Park near Ten Mile Creek have been battling the floods all day and night.  They've built a wall out of sandbags to redirect the flow, but there is so much water it's starting to push out.  More water is on its way and the force of what's already here is so strong, it's breaching the sandbag barriers.

Michael Williams is a resident of the RV park and says, "There's not much we can do.  we're limited with space with how wide we can widen this.  All we can go is higher.  And we've been told that we're looking at another two feet of water, so the more sandbags and the more help we can get the better."

Already there is about three feet of water flowing right through. The only way Michael and other residents here can get to their homes is crossing through this river.

Walking around here it's remarkable not just how much water there is, but how strong the current is too.  Everyone in this neighborhood have continuously been pitching in to save their homes and do anything to re-direct the water, but more volunteers are needed.