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New Benefis Trauma Center

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Benefis hospital is seeing some new changes as they finish up phase one of their new level 2 trauma center. 

The total cost of this project is $12.5 million dollars, $2.5 million of which has been donated through donors of the Benefis Foundation.

With complete new trauma centers, helicopter pad, and state of the art equipment, this new facility is a huge asset not only to Great Falls but neighboring communities as well.

In fact, it’s the only one of its kind in this part of the region.  

Each and every detail was specifically thought out and designed by Kevin Langkiet, Director of Emergency Services & Critical Care, and his team, to better serve not only the staff but more importantly, the patients.

"Making sure that we deliver the best care possible to our patients. Bringing that care to the bedside so that we’re treating the patient as well as the family at the same time; versus moving things around and interrupting care. To make sure that we give the best care possible." says Kevin Langkiet. 

This new trauma center was truly built with the patient in mind. Kevin and his team ran through countless scenarios and even asked patients themselves what they would like to be done differently.

Some key features of the new facility include: 

•33 larger rooms 

•Heated drive-through ambulance garage 

•3 large trauma bays with advanced technology 

•3 rooms specifically for pediatric patients 

•2 sexual assault exam suites 

•Behavioral health treatment room 

•and MORE

Phase one of this whole process is complete and the doors will be open to the public Tuesday, May 8th. 

Phases 2 and 3 will be completed at the end of 2018.