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City Council questions Billings Police Department's 2019 budget

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The budget meeting for the various city departments for the upcoming fiscal year was held Monday night with the primary focus being on the proposed budgets for the fire and police departments.

Each agency made presentations before council regarding their budgets.

Chief St. John started his presentation by saying he realized asking for a larger budget for a department in turmoil is daunting.

City Council members had several questions for Chief St. John, regarding the current situation within the department but the questions eventually turned to the budget.

Council members were focused on the increase in the budget from $22,596,000 to $23,323,000.

St. John explained much of that money is for additional officers.

The department is looking to add two new officers, for the Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare areas and an additional School Resource Officer.

Council members questioned the projected revenue of $81,000 for 2019 which is well below the projected revenue of $350,000 in 2016.

Chief St. John said the decrease comes from a change of asset procedures and that they can't fund their own operation so revenue earned goes directly to the general fund.

The chief said the department generally comes in under budget every year.

Much of the focus Monday night was on the police department's budget.

We'll have an update on the fire department's budget at a later date.

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