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NAMI shines a light on mental illness

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May is mental health awareness month and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) wants to emphasize the importance of recognizing signs of mental illness.

NAMI is a peer based led group helping those diagnosed with a mental illness.

"I'm just excited that mental health awareness is now a national recognized month because i think the more we try to educate people about mental illness and how we help people deal with mental illness and their families," said volunteer Mary Karen Marek. "I think that's going to help destigmatize mental illness."

According to NAMI. one in four Montana families is affected by a serious mental illness and as many as one-third of those with a diagnosable mental illness are not receiving care, often because of stigma or fear of losing employment. 

Marek says many people live productive lives with mental illness and she says it all depends on management, communication skills and learning how to overcoming obstacles.

NAMI offers support groups to those with mental illness as well as education classes free of charge.

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