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A glimpse inside Billings Fire Department training

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Today marks the third day of firefighter V.E.I.S. training for the Billings Fire Department.

The training is called V.E.I.S: Vent, Enter, Isolate, and Search.

"This is an advanced search technique," Sean Biggins said. "So if conditions in a structure are not working in our favor, but we have credible information that there's a victim in a certain part, then we have to kind of adapt and figure out other ways to gain access into that room, into that environment."

Sean Biggins is the training chief for the City of Billings Fire Department and said it is vital to train firefighters not for if circumstances should arise, but when.

"In the past, we always taught firefighters to search a structure," Biggins said. "We always taught them to go into a right-handed search or a left-handed search. Now, we're teaching them to isolate compartments, search that compartment, and come right back out the same way they went in."

Firefighters use an advanced technological device called a thermal imager. They use the device when rooms are too smoky and it also helps find victims.

"It's a different approach, we'll call it the back door approach, to getting people out viable victims out much quicker."

Ryan Moore is an engineer firefighter who said when firefighters do a search and rescue during a fire, time is of the essence.

"If we know where somebody's at, it's just point A to point B," Moore said.

"There's a lot of plastics, a lot of synthetics that we're now buying and putting into our homes that changes our fire environment," Biggins said. "That changing fire environment also changes how we do our job. That's going to change how we access a building, how we search for victims."

Biggins said the Billings Firefighters will train about 3 to 5 times each week. Their next training session is next week at a hotel building.

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