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Construction Season

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Well, it may not look or even feel like it but we’re getting there. That’s right... it’s road construction season.

But how has all the recent weather been affecting the construction projects? 

The good news is that they haven’t been affected too badly!

The biggest delay has been along the Hi-Line, however, that should be back on schedule within the next week or two if things continue to slowly dry out.

With the construction season underway, many of you have probably already noticed the orange cones and road work signs lining our city streets and highways. 

One of the biggest complaints motorists tend to have during this time of year is that they're required to slow down, even if there isn't anyone on the construction site. 

While this might be frustrating, the reason for this is because work has been done on the roadways that may not make it safe for you to travel at a normal speed.

"I get it, it’s very irritating and people don’t like to be delayed in their travels. I get that part. So we want to keep the speed limit as high as we can and still account for those hazards that may exist on our projects." says Jim Wingerter, Great Falls construction operations engineer.

If you're planning on traveling soon, it's probably a good idea to know whether to expect delays or not. With that in mind, here is a list of both the current and upcoming construction projects for MDT. 


•Overlook Drive Path – Great Falls; in progress.

•D3 Rock Fall – Wolf Creek Canyon; in progress.

•Interstate Bridges –Shelbyy/Conrad; in progress.

•Bynum South; in progress.


•Stock Area Projects; mid-June start date projected.

•Fox Farm Road; mid-June start date projected.

•Great Falls ADA Projects; mid-June start date projected.

•Sun Prairie Turn Lanes;  mid-July start date projected.

•Cascade Sidewalks; mid-June start date projected.

•Cascade Interstate Chip Seal; mid-June start date projected.

•Conrad Interstate Chip Seal; mid-June start date projected.

As a friendly reminder, always make sure to abide by the speed limit signs within a construction zone. Even though it might be frustraing, following them will keep both you and construction workers safe.