Multimedia Journalist (Missoula & Bozeman) - FT - | News, Weather & Sports in Billings, Montana

Multimedia Journalist (Missoula & Bozeman) - FT


Wake Up Montana is looking for its next rising stars! These MMJs will be based in Missoula and Bozeman, Montana and join a team of 5 reporters, positioned throughout the state, to deliver live content for a 2-hour M-F morning newscast.

We are looking for enterprising, energetic and hard-working MMJs who can handle hard news, as well as the lighter side. The right candidates will be dynamic and hungry to learn. These MMJs will use social media to help gather and break stories, as well as engage with viewers. The right people for this gig are adventurous and want to provide a memorable experience for viewers every morning. If you think you have the right stuff (details on that below) to join a fun and creative AM team, then get your resume and demo to us asap! Please contact Jeff Hite, Cowles Director of Recruitment,               

Details on Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be nimble enough to report on multiple stories, when necessary, on a given day, on multiple platforms.
  • Must be willing to work different shifts and/or travel when a story requires.
  • Must be able to work solo and independently.
  • Must be able to operate and handle equipment including but not limited to camera, live pack, iPhone, editing laptop.
  • Must have the ability to lift and carry up to 25lbs of equipment.
  • Must have a working knowledge of journalistic law and ethics as well as FCC policies on broadcast.            


BA in journalism, communication or another preferred discipline.

No phone calls, please. Cowles Montana Media is an equal opportunity employer - women, minorities, and veterans are encouraged to apply. Pre-employment drug screen is required.

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