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Hi-Line Flooding Update

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Several parts of our state have been experiencing flooding over the past few weeks, especially along the Hi-Line. 

With the warmer weather and spring storms forecasted, we can expect to see some changes along the Hi-Line communities.  

The spring storms we’ll be seeing this weekend will bring about 1-2 inches of rainfall to the Hi-Line area.

The good news is that the water level has slowly been decreasing, but with this fresh rainfall, that will bring it to a standstill.

According to Kevin Gilmore, National Weather Service forecaster, we’re not at the end of the tunnel quite yet.   

"Going to be a while. This seems to unfortunately be… it’s going to be a while for them to see some improving conditions. We have pretty much an active pattern we’re going into. It’s spring, so we’re going to have our quick-hit storm systems every so often. We have a lot of water still in the mountains."

While several areas might look dry, the worst isn't over yet. The problem is we still have the mountain runoff Kevin had mentioned.

The most critical time period will be May 15th -June 10th. During this time we can expect to see around 40% of our annual precipitation through mountain runoff.

This is a result of having such a snowy winter along with the spring showers we're beginning to see.

If everything slowly thaws out, flooding shouldn't be an issue. However, if temperatures continue to drastically warm up and we see several spring showers… flooding is almost a definite.