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Surgeon General wants more access to Naloxone

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In an effort to take back the reigns on the opioid crisis in America, Surgeon General Jerome Adams wants more access to Narcan.  Many states, including Montana are already ahead of him.

The Surgeon General issued an advisory asking for more people to carry Naloxone.  By more people he means friends and family members of those at risk of overdosing on opioids.  The drug reverses overdoses, saving many lives.  Already in Montana Best Practice Medicine has started the Naloxone Project.  They're providing training sessions on Narcan administration in several cities across the state.  But not all health experts are applauding the Surgeon General's idea for two reasons.  One, a Narcan prescription is expensive, and two, experts aren't sure what more is being offered once an overdose is reversed.  

Both points could limit the effectiveness of readily available Narcan.  But other see this as a foot in the right direction to controlling the opioid crisis.