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Gambling the State Budget

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Montana just ranked #3 in the U.S. for gambling addiction. But how does it affect our state budget?

Being a large part of the culture here in Montana, gambling plays a huge role in our local economy and the state budget.

The most recent fiscal quarter showed that Cascade County spent a total of just over $1,500,000 in gambling!

As a total for the state of Montana, we spent roughly 15 million dollars!

According to Angela Nunn, Admin. of the Gambling Control Division, each form of gambling falls under a different jurisdiction. Therefore, they each have a different set of rules and guidelines to follow.

For example, video gambling machines fall under the Gambling Control Division but horse racing falls under the Department of Commerce. 

So here’s how gambling helps pump revenue back into the community. Video gambling fees for example have a 15% tax. Whatever money you lose and the casino makes, 15% of that goes back to the state.

Another example would be any permits such as for a card table The state gets a small fee from this as well.

Last year, the state received a total of $60 million dollars in just the video gambling tax.

With that in mind, every time you lose at a game of cards or at the slot machines, some of you're money goes back into the community!