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Shodair Children's Hospital hires dog

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A psychiatric children's hospital in Helena is diversifying their hiring practices.  Their newest employee is the first of it's kind in the hospital, with four paws and a heart of gold.

Blue Bonnet, or Blue as she is known at Shodair, is the hospital's new facility dog.  She came from Canine Assistance all the way in Atlanta. She's the first dog they've placed in a children's psychiatric hospital. Just two weeks in to her new job, she's already making an impact with her patients.  Her handler Trish Dick says, "she's made kids smile, and they told me at canine's assistance that if she makes somebody smile she's done her job.  and she also calms the patients down and they know that she's there to love them."

Dick brings Blue to work every day. At the hospital blue's job is to provide emotional support and bonding for her patients.  She's unique in that she isn't traditionally trained with commands to open doors or fetch things for people.  Her role is to simply provide as much love as she can. With the warmer weather coming patients can look forward to spending quality time with blue outside continuing to create strong bonds with their new furry friend.