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Republican candidate debate spurs discussion

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It was the Republican GOP debate at the Elk's Lodge in Billings this evening. Four candidates vying to unseat U.S. Senator Jon Tester in November.

The GOP debate ran for about an hour and a half with much discussion regarding topics such as agriculture, government regulation and spending, and tax cuts.

Dozens of people patiently listened to the debate. KULR-8 spoke with some people in the audience who felt the debate was very informative. Some said they're now more confused than before. Others said the candidates responded well to each question they were asked.

"I thought it was really good just seeing all four candidates and how their personalities came out," said audience member Linda Kozelugh Nelson.

"I think we all kind of got challenged with the thoughts and the notion of really their world and where they sit with our current day politics and it is a concerning issue," audience member Brad Anderson said. "I think what they said today made me think more about it myself."

If you missed Tuesday's debate, you can watch it on our Facebook page at any time.

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