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MUD celebrates Earth Day in the Garden City

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The Missoula Urban Demonstration Project, also known as “MUD,” hosted the 12th Annual Earth Day Celebration Sunday.

MUD is known for promoting urban sustainable living through hands-on learning, resource sharing and community engagement.

On Sunday, organizers focused on ending plastic waste, with educational demonstrations on how to recycle.

"We have a recycling demo set up. There is someone who can talk you through what you would put into different places. And why you can't do certain things or why certain items aren't recyclable,” said Ellie Costello, Executive Director for MUD.

She and other event organizers urged people to go back to remembering the three Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle.

"In our community, we are going to run out of room. I mean, it’s hard for Montanans to image because we have so much land...but the landfills are filling up and moving quickly,” said Costello.

She added those simple three Rs will help reduce the industrial impacts on the earth on a variety of levels.

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